About Us

Our Service, Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Service

At R.I.S.E., Inc. we provide individualized social, behavioral, and adaptive behavior programming to children with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, and developmental disabilities in their homes and in the community. Our services include 1:1 in-home care staffing with certified Behavioral Health Professionals overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

We aim to enhance the overall quality of life for the individuals we serve through the development and maintenance of programs that help them achieve their fullest potential, enabling them to access the diverse experiences within their community. Our commitment to families is to implement our services with integrity while demonstrating compassion for each individual on the team and infusing optimism and hope for the future into every interaction.

At R.I.S.E., Inc., we pride ourselves on the development, implementation, and stringent monitoring of highly individualized programming to meet the needs of the individuals that we serve. We use comprehensive data collection and analysis techniques to demonstrate that the interventions employed are in-fact responsible for relevant changes in behavior. Our services are focused on systematic behavior change and management, social development, in addition to the acquisition and maintenance of developmentally appropriate skills.

Our Vision

We aim to be a leader in the field of behavioral health services in the state of Maine. We ensure that Maine families are provided with innovative and empirically-validated behavioral strategies to assist in fostering emotional, social, and behavioral skills that allow individuals greater access to the diverse experiences within their community.

Our Mission

We believe that every individual has a right to achieve their fullest potential, enabling them to access the diverse experiences within their community. Our mission, therefore, is to provide comprehensive, individually-tailored treatment packages focusing on increasing both the time and quality of independent and inclusive activities for individuals within Maine families and communities. We will work diligently with families to find the optimal strengths-based solutions for complex behavioral patterns using a framework built on collaboration, careful analysis, and empathy. We use these same principles to ensure the maintenance of high quality health professionals within our organization. Our commitment to ongoing, intensive, training enables our staff to utilize the highest quality data-based interventions and strategies to ensure that individuals receive the most effective treatment.